Experienced Competence

Todd Fields, the president of Bayleaf Builders, started out working for builders and subcontractors. He served on roofing crews, framing crews and trim carpentry crews. In the early 1980’s Fields Construction, the forerunner of Bayleaf Builders was subcontracting trim and decks and beginning to contract remodeling projects. Over the years, we have done everything from small repairs to building new homes, but we have found that what we are best at is working with people to improve their existing homes, by renovating or adding on to them. Remodeling is our niche and years of doing it has taught us a lot about how to make it work.

In 1996 Fields Construction became Bayleaf Builders, Inc.. From architects to painters; masons to plumbers; electricians to plasterers, our tradesmen have now been working with us for many years. They are attuned to the special care that is required to work in someone’s home and respond to their needs. This group represents a huge asset for us that we can put to work for you. Together, with our experience and leadership, it’s a recipe for success that can transform your kitchen or any other part of your house.


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